Wedding Favors Guests Will Actually Appreciate

  1. Something edible: These are the most fail-safe favors to do. Almost everyone loves food, and especially sweet snacks! Our top picks are beautifully packaged cake pops, macarons or fudge. Choose quirky and interesting flavors and decorations for them to take them to the next level. Guests can enjoy these on their way home, or a few days later when they’re craving a midnight treat!
  2. Something practical: People are more inclined to keep something that can actually  be put to use in everyday life. Things like little bags of locally roasted coffee, or cute handmade luggage tags, will make people smile and can be utilized on a day to day or yearly basis.
  3. Something meaningful: Guests also love favors that come from the heart. Does your groom have an Italian heritage? Give out mini bottles of olive oil sourced by the groom’s family from his home region in Italy. Do you have an Asian heritage? Give out little tins of traditional Asian desserts or traditional Asian ingredients, with a recipe tag attached so people can make their own variations at home.
  4. Something generous: If you really don’t like the idea of wedding favors, then donate money to an organization or charity that’s close to your heart. Let your guests know about it by putting a little write up on each table. This is one way to guarantee your money has been spent wisely.

No matter how you feel about wedding favors, there’s sure to be one idea of ours that you like and can use for your guests. Wedding favors are a choice, not a rule, and you can do whatever you want with the concept! The most important thing? Having your closest friends and family around you to celebrate.