Wedding Guest List Tips!

  • Be realistic: Don’t create a guest list of 150 names, when your venue can only seat 100. What if everyone you invite says yes? You’re just setting yourself up for anxiety when you over-invite and then have to hold your breath every time you get an RSVP back. Be conservative with your final number, and keep it in the realm of the venue’s capacity. There’s a very small chance everyone will be able to attend, so invite 10 or 15 over your venue limit, and you should be okay. {Note: This only applies to larger weddings, with over 80 guests. The smaller weddings, with only family and a handful of close friends, usually get a Yes response to every invite, so be careful with these.}
  • Make some simple ground rules, and stick to them: This may seem excessive, but it really helps with name cutting in the long run. If you haven’t spoken to them in 3 years, if you feel bad because you were invited to their wedding or they’re a friend’s child, don’t invite them. You can make your own unique rules, depending on you and your partner, but find some way to agree on whether to invite someone or not.
  • Put the guests name on the invite: Make sure you put the exact guests names on the invite; this way, they can’t force their partner or children onto the wedding list because your invite wasn’t clear enough.

Don’t let the guest list send you into a spin, there are so many ways to ensure you have the most important people there, an no added extra’s! After all, it’s your and your partner’s day after all.