Avoid these vow-writing mistakes!

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Here are the main mistakes to avoid when it comes to vow writing:

  1. Don’t wing it: Your vows are important, and the only chance you’ll get to say these things in front of your closest friends and family. Write them down and prepare them in advance. Trying to remember them off hand is even more difficult when you’ve got thousands of other things on your mind, and it can lead to serious failure and your partner feeling disappointed right at the start of the day.
  2. Don’t try to memorise them: You may have them perfectly rehearsed, but when it gets to the day of and your emotions are running high, you may hit a blank and completely forget everything. Have them printed or written down and ready to be referred to if you need them,
  3. Keep them reasonably short: Couples don’t realise how emotional they’ll get and think they can read for as long as necessary. This often backfires when the’ve written very long vows and have started crying in the first or second sentence. Keeping them short means you can get through them quicker and guests are more likely to remember everything you said too.
  4. Don’t make too many jokes: While it can be really cute to include a personal joke or two in your vows, they are meant to be a serious commitment to your partner, so don’t take the jokes too far.
  5. Going without a microphone: You’ve spent time and effort putting together your vows, so make sure your family and friends can also hear them. They’re there to hold you accountable to your promises, so you want everyone to feel included and be able to hear.

Remind yourself of these tips when writing your vows, and you should be A-ok!