Your wedding guests won’t even notice these things on the big day

Rather spend that on what really matters, and stay away from splurging on these:

  1. Your invites: These get chucked in the trash faster than you can blink; you’re luck if maybe five people keep them on the fridge for a couple years, or a few family members store it away for safe keeping. Rather pay a site to download a beautiful design for free, that you can print for an affordable price (on affordable paper!). Otherwise, doing an electronic invite, still beautiful but also fuss-free!
  2. Your programs: These are like invites, but with an even shorter life span. Rather put up a few chalk boards with the schedule of your big day for guests to take a look at as they arrive (below left).
  3. Your flowers: This is a tricky one. If you’ve got the money for designer blooms and intricate floral installations, then go for it! But if you’re wondering if your guests will notice the difference, or see the slightly gold dipped roses you’ve chosen, they won’t. Go with farmer’s market flowers or an affordable florist, or choose flowers in season to save money. They’ll still make a beautiful and colourful impact, we swear.
  4. Your linens: As long as your guests aren’t eating off of something dirty and stained, they aren’t going to notice whether it’s one type of cotton or another. Your decor and food also covers most of the table too, so the linens are barely exposed. Go with something affordable and save the dollars!
  5. Your cake: An over-the-top, six tier, hand painted cake with real gold elements is great, but it’s not as impressive to guests as you may think. What really matters is how good it tastes. Go for a simple, elegant cake that still has a couple affordable statements on it, like a topper and some fresh florals (below right).

We hope these warnings have saved you from overspending on unnecessary items for your special day.