Unique wedding food to wow your guests

We’ve got a couple ideas:

  1. To replace the usual canapés after the ceremony, why not go for something like little shots of milk, served with mini chocolate chip cookies? This will be a welcome sight for guests who are probably expecting cheese boards, bread and dips.
  2. Switch out the usual mains buffet of meat, veggies and stale bread, for a self-serve taco station with all the trimmings! Guests will love how unique this is, as well as the opportunity to create something they actually want to eat.
  3. As a cute and useful guest favour, set up a popcorn station with a few of your favourite flavours for guests to bag up and take home with them. Caramel, chilli and chocolate dipped are great options! 
  4. Another amazing favour? Caramel apples! Wrap them up and attach a little thank you tag, guests can munch on these on their trip home or later in the weekend or week.

With these kinds of options, you’ll never have boring wedding food!