Top 4 Reasons to have a Beach Wedding

  1. It eliminates stress: Because the beauty of the beach is created by nature, you don’t have to put in all the hard work of ceremony décor and you can let go of the stress about small, little details. Having a wedding ceremony on a beach or overlooking a beach, is immediately more simple and rustic. The bride can wear a more casual dress, the groom doesn’t have to wear closed formal shoes and the guests don’t necessarily have to arrive in tuxedo’s and floor length dresses. The vibe is more chilled, and therefore so are stress levels.
  2. It decreases costs: Because of the chilled vibe discussed above, ceremony décor hire costs are almost nothing, suit and dress costs go down because you don’t need blazers, bow ties or any bridal sparklies.
  3. The photo opportunities are endless: The beach at sunset is a pretty magical place to be and the perfect setting for your wedding photos. But that’s not the only thing the beach has to offer for photos. Splash around in the water, jump off sand dunes, stand and pose in rock pools, or just look lovingly at each other while the waves crash behind you. Either way, you won’t run out of photo ideas on the beach.
  4. An automatic holiday: If you and your guests don’t live right on the beach everyday, it’s pretty much an automatic holiday when you all get to spend time at the venue the night before, the day of and even the night after. Guests are able to book accommodation close by and enjoy a long, lazy beach weekend, and you and your partner can book a luxurious hotel close by and start off your honeymoon on the beach too!

Beach weddings are one of the most unique and beautiful ways to celebrate your union. At Villa Isabella, we have so many ceremony options to choose from. Get married directly on the beach, or on our beautiful wooden ceremony deck overlooking the ocean. Have your after ceremony drinks on our grassy lawn, and enjoy your reception breakfast, lunch or dinner in our covered rooftop venue.

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