Ways to have a child-friendly wedding

  1. Have a kiddies menu: If you’re having a plated dinner, then make sure to chat to the caterers about including a few kiddie options like mini burgers, fish fingers or macaroni cheese so they don’t pick apart the adult menu and waste your money (while throwing a food tantrum!). If you’re not having a plated meal, then include buffet options that kids will also love so parents can build their plates themselves.
  2. Deck out the kids table with simple activities: It can get super boring for kids to listen to speeches and talk to grown ups, so include a few simple and quiet activities at their table to keep them distracted. Consider crayons and pictures to decorate for the bride and groom, or play dough and lego. They won’t look up from the table for hours, which will score you some serious relaxation time!
  3. If you’ve got a lot of adults without kids attending, consider hiring a babysitter for the day. There’s nothing worse than seeing your friends without kids getting frustrated with the kids at the wedding who seem to be out of control. Having a babysitter there means the kids can be entertained in a separate room or another part of the hotel where their parents can check up on them but they’re still separate from the other guests.
  4. If you’re having an outdoors wedding, consider having kid-friendly games on the lawn: Life-sized Jenga, croquet or a piñata are great ways to involve the kids and adults in something fun and exciting.
  5. Send them home with kid-friendly gift favours at the end of the night. Kids love sugar, so send them home with some homemade cookies or a goodie bag of different candies that they can enjoy on the car ride home. Their parents might not thank you, but they sure will!

It may seem scary and intimidating to include kids in your wedding day, but it’s actually really simple to keep them happy and entertained.