Why the beach is good for you!

1. It's good for your skin and joints: There’s nothing more therapeutic for your joints and muscles than a soak in salt water. The ocean heals little nicks, cuts, and scrapes, and if you take a minute to exfoliate with a little sand, your skin will be grateful for days! 2. You can take a long and relaaxing walk with no agenda: City walks can be a little stressful and overwhelming, while beach walks are theraputic and relaxing. Walks on the beach are kind of perfect any way you do them! With your kids, your partner, or alone. There’s no goal, no rush, no race, no place to be. Relax and find some seashells along the way. Take the opportunity to unplug your phone and have time to think. 3. It's an automatic digital detox: It feels good to relax without a computer, phone, and tablet for a few hours. 4. It's the perfect place to catch up on some shut-eye: Sleeping at the beach to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore is like music to your ears. 5. You're getting great exposure to Vitamin D: It's rucial for our health and wellness, yet an estimated one billion people worldwide are deficient. Because vitamin D is synthesized in the skin, healthy exposure to sunlight in small doses has been proven to support bone growth and also prevents calcium loss in mature bones. 6. Slot in a workout: Make an effort to join in on the game of beach volleyball, frisbee, or soccer with the kids. Try paddleboarding, or hop in the water for an aerobic exercise that can relieve your joint pain and burn those extra cals. Hopefully there are enough reasons here to convince you to pack up your stressful life in the city, and come spend some time at our beach retreat, Villa Isabella!